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Welcome to my site!

I like to dance -  just a bit – well, quite a lot actually...

Graduating from The Place in 1982, I am as passionate about dance now as I was then. Whether it’s making dance, performing, teaching, facilitating, watching… usually happens in varying amounts in a variety of contexts.  Lecturing in Choreography & Dance at the University of Winchester since 1999, I have managed to maintain my sanity (just) and relish nurturing the student dancer, preparing them for their future journey into the unsettling yet quite wonderful world of dance.   

My practice-based research explores issues related to age, self and identity in performance and my work for the past seven years has centered around autobiography with dance and text, often in collaboration with other artists, though more recently in the solo form.  

Things I also like to do to help me with my creative practice, is to talk, laugh, talk a bit more, read, cry, pray, drink wine (plenty of it) and spend time with family and friends (when I am not dancing).  Tony my husband thinks I am very nice. We also have a very nice cat called Timmy.  I like nothing more than to watch my daughter Lauren dance…..dancing with friends is nice too! – I am actually quite ‘a nice lady’ – some have said ‘very nice’. ……see my 'Nice little project' (2012) dancing and talking about 'nice things' to learn more!

I also love to dance with nice people - like Neil Fisher.  Please take a look at 'Bette Revisited' (2015) a reworking of 'Cape Cod Twisters' first created by Neil in 1986 for myself and Lesley Crewdson, Director TACIT Dance Theatre. My latest solo 'Threshold' (2015) exploring the passage of time, is a personal reflection upon the impact of 'time passing' both physically and emotionally.

Teaching has always been a highly rewarding element of my career and receiving the University of Winchester Senate Learning & Teaching Award in 2014 was a welcome delight. Since September 2015 working part-time at the University and enjoying teaching back in the community with elders classes DANCE SIX-0 at Salisbury Playhouse, as well as developing my performance practice.