Dance Six-0 - Debbie Lee-Anthony

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Debbie Lee-Anthony
DANCE SIX-0 was formed in September 2015 by Company Manager/Creative Producer Vicky Thornton, together with three mature Salisbury-based community dance artists in their 6th and 7th decade. The organisation includes a performance company of elders, plus weekly Open Classes for 60+ years which are led by me at Salisbury Arts Centre on a Wednesday morning.

The video here is a studio rehearsal of ‘Ram Pam Pamset to a medley of songs by Josephine Baker which I created in 2017 with members of the performance company and several of my 3rd year students from the University of Winchester.

I also lead ‘Movement for the Mind’ chair-based dance & music sessions for dementia groups. Please contact me for further details

Studio rehearsal of Ram Pam Pam
An extract of a typical Dance Six-0 open community dance class
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