Soma-Numa - Debbie Lee-Anthony

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Debbie Lee-Anthony
A partnership between myself and dance artist Deborah Dunn was formed in the year 2000. Together Deborah and I created full-length works ‘Flipped’ (2001) ‘3foldwith composer Tom Gloyns (2003) and Fast Track’ (2004). Additionally we were commissioned by Salisbury Cathedral to create a work for a Millenium performance in a response to Biblical text from ‘Revelation’.

We performed several works in Arts Centres in Wiltshire and Hampshire, collaborating with composers and video artists. ‘Body of Experience’ created in 2006, was a creative partnership between Soma/Numa and Tim Tubbs, Director of UKFD (United Kingdom Foundation Dance). See more on this under ‘Body of Experience’.
In 2009 Debbie collaborated with colleagues/composers Malcolm Floyd and Steve Solloway from the University of Winchester, to create an evening of new work exploring ‘the riot of middle age’.
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