Bette Revisited - Debbie Lee-Anthony

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Debbie Lee-Anthony
Bette Revisited

A reworking of 'Cape Cod Twisters', created in 1986 by Neil Fisher for TACIT Dance Theatre, director Lesley Crewdson. The work was originally performed by Lesley Crewdson and myself. Set to a medley of Bette Midler songs, 'Bette Revisited' (2015) is an offbeat, charming yet poignant duet reflecting upon a 30 year friendship; choreography by Neil Fisher and Debbie Lee-Anthony.
Debbie Lee-Anthony Bette Revisited
Extract From British Theatre Guide

Part of Donald Hutera’s eclectic festival of dance and other physical performance (which ends at this venue on 18 June but continues in July in Oxford and Winchester), this programme of six pieces seems to have something for everyone.
The bill opened with Neil Fisher and Debbie Lee-Anthony dancing their duet Bette Revisited which presents a no-longer-young couple showing that they can be just as romantic and almost as agile as their young selves.

It begins with them at a table, the man head down, either passed out or dreaming, but smoothly sweeps into a series of variations full of sweeping turns and lifts and some playful mime on a table that express the enduring affection between them and capture that youthful spirit that stays inside us no matter how old our outside appearances.

The second half of the evening brought Debbie Lee-Anthony back with a new solo she calls Threshold. Entering holding an hour glass, slow moving, circling and weaving patterns in the air before placing it on the ground, the dance gracefully continues with a wistful tension. It seems to be expressing an awareness of the limits on our lives and making the most of what we have left.
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